Get Started with Fantasy Baseball: Choosing a Website to Play

There are many websites out there that you can join when you are looking for a place to play fantasy baseball. Nevertheless, before you join any website and start playing fantasy baseball let me cut through the chase and help you learn a few things you should consider as you start to play fantasy baseball and as you decide on the website to start playing this game. We will focus on the website since it will be part of your success. The best way to evaluate the suitability of any website as beginner friendly is to use the 3 R system; reputation, reviews and the resources.


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Fantasy Baseball Website

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Reputation of Fantasy Baseball Website

The safest way to evaluate a fantasy baseball website is to first focus on the reputation of the website in the industry. You can learn about the reputation through a number of sources; you can ask your friends or people who have previously players on the website and won. You do not want to win and not get your dues; ask people about the way that payments are handled by the company involved and if they are made on time.

You should also find very useful resources through various fantasy baseball forums that are free to join. This should be the best place to start to learn about the best websites that offer great fantasy baseball playing deals to new players as well as existing players. The years in the industry should also be another factor that you should use for your evaluation on whether a certain website is safe for you to play or not.

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Reviews of Fantasy Baseball Website

Another most overlooked way to get to know a good fantasy baseball website is the reviews that are published independently. Day after day we read reviews about things that we buy but some reviews can be misleading while others are a good way to make the decision since they provide you with solid information that is just needed to make the right decision. There are many reviews that you can read online but most are affiliate reviews and can be misleading too. You should consider to only trusting those reviews that are published from authority sources. You should consider looking at the industry leaders and what fantasy baseball websites their recommend in their reviews.

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Resources available on the Fantasy Baseball Website

The other factor to consider when you are choosing a website to play fantasy baseball you should look at the amount of the resources that are available on the website about playing. Look for intricate details like the drafting tutorials, a large fan base in the forum s that offers insightful tips. This will guarantee you to always get your questions answered whenever you are stuck. An actively growing fantasy baseball community on the website is another thing you should consider since it will make a good place to start for complete beginners. Communities play a very important role of helping beginners get started. You should also consider other resources that are available offsite in other websites about playing fantasy baseball on that website.

Fantasy Baseball League Website Reviews

Each website is ranked according to aspects that are particular to that service, as follows:

Fantasy Baseball Game Reviews Fanduel Fanwars
Price /Team Prize Money Price /Team Prize Money
Fantasy League Classic $20, $15, $10 $100,000 $25, $20, $15 $10.000
Fantasy League Auction $20 $0 $25 $0
Fantasy League Pro $38, $32, $26 $0 $40, $34, $28 $0
$1 Million PFC Qualifier ($5, 5 seats) $5 $125K prize value $5 $125K prize value
$10 Million FFC Qualifier ($10, 2 seats) $10 $207,000 prize value $7 $195,000 prize value
$500K Sun NFL Bomb $25 $500,000 $22 $420,000
$10 Million FFFC Qualifier ($25) $25 $103,500 $24 $100,000
$400K Sun NFL Monstr $200 $400,000 $200 $400,000
$1 Million PFC Qualifier ($50, 2 seats) $50 $50K prize value $44 $44K prize value
$1 Million PFC Qualifier ($535, 2 seats) $535 $50K prize value $520 $48K prize value
$50K Sun NFL Dive #3 $1 $50,000 $2 $54,000K prize value
$1K Sun NFL Weekly Open Freeroll $0 $1,000 $0 $1,000
$350K Sun NFL Kickoff $10 $350,000 $6 $280,000
$30K Sun NFL Squib $1 $30,000 $1 $30,000
$35K Sun NFL Safety $2 $35,000 $1 $30,000
$50K Sun NFL Spike $5 $50,000 $3 $35,000
$60K Sun NFL Scramble $10 $60,000 $8 $50,000
$35K Sun NFL Snap #3 $2 $35,000 $0 $20,000
$20K Sun NFL Double Up ($5) $5 $20,000 $2 $20,000
$6K Sun NFL Triple Up ($2) $2 $6,000 $0 $2,000

Finally, it can be lonely and confusing when you are starting to play fantasy baseball with little help from experienced players you can get the courage you need. Furthermore with industry experts coaching and guiding you, there can never be mistakes. Take time to contact us for further guidance on starting fantasy baseball.